White Dexter Miniature Cattle for Sale


2014 is the first year these fully upgraded calves from our herd will be for sale. If you are interested in being part of this new exciting breed we welcome your inquiries.


What can You Expect from Breeding White Dexter Bulls to Your Registered Dexter Cows?

Records in the past years of the upgrade program show we have produced 60 to 75% white calves out of the black cows. To date, breeding white to white has produced 90% white calves.


Your White Dexters will be registered through the White Dexter Cattle Registry. The purpose of a registry is to maintain the pedigrees (bloodlines) of the animals, nothing more - nothing less.

The registry database is still a work in progress and we will have pedigree search capability soon.
      WDCR White Dexter Cattle Registry 384 Private Dr. 355 Ironton OH 45638

Raising novelity cattle should be fun and profitable and this registry makes it possible:

Beware of purchasing a white bull or cow that has all the black/red points but is not registered in WDCR registry. First of all, the White Dexter name was trademarked and no other breeder can legally use the name. Second, the color of the White Park breed is very strong, so a white calf with all of the black/red points could actually be produced from any breed.

If you want to produce purebred White Dexters, you should check the registration papers to be assured you are buying a purebred bull or female which can be bred to purebred Dexters.

Thank you to all the breeders nationwide that have purchased all of the available stock and those that are still waiting patiently for yours to be born (when we get to your name on the list). "you may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one" (John Lennon).


New Owners take Delivery of Their Calves

Congratulations to these proud new owners of "starter" herds of White Dexter cattle.

Whispering Dreams Ranch


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