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White Dexter Miniature Cattle – An Old Breed with a New Color


White Dexters have all the qualities of the Dexter breed – in a brand new package. It has taken over 10 years to make this outstanding new breed. Not only have we created a breed, but there is a quality registry to maintain the records of this new breed. Five generations of breeding White Dexter bulls, always back to registered black Dexter cows has created this eye catching bovine.

Why Breed White Dexter Miniature Cattle


Visually: The white body with black points on the ears, nose, eyes and feet is unique. It could be called “curb appeal” because people can’t drive by without noticing them. Or some people refer to them as “pasture candy” since they are so sweet to look at.

Functionally: The white cattle stay cooler in the heat of the summer months yet grow a healthy winter coat to protect them in the below zero temps and our Kansas wind chills. After watching both colors of cattle through the years as we were doing the upgrade it became very apparent that the whites would continue to graze long after the black cattle had retreated to the ponds for heat relief.

White Dexter Newsletter – January 2017